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Gift HQ is a trade only event for registered businesses in the gift and homewares industry.

To be eligible to attend Gift HQ, all visitors must meet minimum registration criteria outlined on this page.



In order to attend Gift HQ, your registration will need to be accompanied by business, ABN and personal identification.

Applications that cannot provide the supporting documentation will not be accepted.


Business ID (two of the following):
• Business registration certificate
• Business cheque book
• Business invoice (showing your company has purchased giftware)
• Business credit card Company letterhead/business card (one only)
• Personal payslip (please black out payment details)


Printed proof of your ABN number – Australian companies only (one of the following):
• ABN printed on a docket
• ABN Registration form
• Printed on a company letterhead or business card
• Print out from the ‘ABN Look up’ on the Government website


Personal Photographic ID (one of the following):
• Driver’s licence
• Medicare card
• Passport


Registered visitors may be accompanied by ONE guest to assist on each day, except for the final day of the fair, when guests are not permitted at all.

The guest is not required to complete a registration form. Instead, they will receive a guest pass upon arrival.

NOTE: Guests cannot place orders or purchase goods under any circumstances and must be accompanied by a registered visitor at all times.


We have updated our registration system this year to make access easier and quicker for everyone.

All visitors will need a new badge.

If you have visited the event previously we should have your details on file, you are able to check online via the registration page. Provided we have your detailsand you have a unique email address, you will be able to print your own badge. Simply bring the badge with you to the fair and place it in a badge holder available in the fair foyer.

If you are new to the fair please complete the online registration and submit for approval.



For any inquires about registration please contact registration@fairevents.com.au


  • Merivale St & Glenelg Street,
  • South Brisbane QLD 4101
  • (02) 9452 7575